urban planning

About this Course :

Introducing the participants to the different approaches of understanding the City/ World around us, this course emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to the study and understanding of the City and of the urban planning & urban design discourses. The course attempts to address the process of city/master planning at site and district scales. In general, the course will depend on a carefully selected group of case studies from India, UAE, and many other cities in different parts of the World. Each module provides hands on experience and is adapted to the local Indian context. Participants will also be equipped with a carefully selected reading material that covers the different issues under study.

Positioned in architectural critical thinking, the course "challenges the notion that architects, engineers, and urban planners could remove themselves from broader issues that shape the landscape of society." In addition to the lectures, we intend to host guest speakers and conduct practical exercises solving real world urban planning issues.

Course Contents:
  • Master Planning

  • Planning Process

  • Site Assessment and SWOT Analysis

  • Urban Design - Conceptual Frameworks

  • Land Use Development

  • Development Parameters and Regulations

  • Stakeholders - Significance of planning as an ongoing process, and touch upon the various leadership/ management, institutional organizational factors.

What You Will Learn:

Approx. 21 hrs to complete

Skills You will gain:

Application of QGIS & Excel for map making, spatial data analysis & querying


  • Online exercises and Assessments

  • Project/ Master Plan Report – Urban Planning Chapter

  • Extensive well-rounded exposure to the concepts of Master Planning.

  • Develop Land use schedule for a master plan

  • Principles of Plan making


The urban planning module can open young civil engineers into fresh career prospects in urban and town planning especially as we see further city building, growth and development in India and abroad. On completing the course, you will be primed to go on to a career in one of the major infrastructure planning and design consultancies, a local authority or a government agency.

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