Transportation planning & engineering

About this Course :

A course carefully designed by industry professionals to offer a gateway to a successful career in transport engineering. Travel demand forecasting and transport planning play a key role in building smart and sustainable cities.

As part of this module, you will learn the main techniques applied in analyzing and resolving transport problems including multi-modal access strategies, street design, road cross-sections, and four step transport-planning techniques, travel demand forecasting and working with a transport-modeling platform.

Course Contents:
  • Transport Planning - Street hierarchy, Multi-modal Elements, Junctions

  • Street Design

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Travel Demand Forecasting

  • Transport Modeling

What You Will Learn:
  • Traffic volume & parking estimation

  • Traffic operations analysis

  • Road hierarchy, cross-section, road design

  • Transport network modeling using Cube

Approx. 24 hrs to complete

Skills You will gain:

Application of Cube transport modeling software


  • Online exercises and Assessments

  • Project/ Master Plan Report – Transport Chapter


The transport module offers good career prospects, especially as there is an increasing demand for transport planning graduates in India as well as across the world.

On completing the course, you will be primed to go on to a career in one of the major transport consultancies, a local authority or a government agency.

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