Structural Engineering

About this Course :

This course helps students to understand the strength and stability aspects of structures, an insight on different structures and various analysis and design approaches, advantages and limitation of various materials used in structures, various loads that are associated with various structures, how a structure could be idealized from first principle, different computational approaches to analyse and design structures, an understanding of various international codes etc.

Course Contents:
  • What is Structural Engineering and who is a Structural Engineer

  • Materials

  • Buildings and Non Building Structures

  • Foundations

  • Various analysis

  • Structural Design

  • Structural Detailing

  • Safety, Sustainability & Buildability

  • Codal Practices & Comparisons

  • Seismic Design

  • Usage of Blue Book and Design Tables

  • Computational modelling using softwares

What You Will Learn:
  • Understanding of building & non-building structures

  • Selection of right material for the structure

  • Durability requirements in design

  • Analysis by first principles

  • Computational analysis

  • RC & Steel Structural Detailing & Connections

  • Quick design checks

Approx. 8 hrs to complete

Skills You will gain:

An appreciation towards fundamental Engineering




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